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Khalid "Mighty Mage" Hussain is a seasoned American musical artist who shines when he steps into a recording studio. 

He grew up in La Jolla, California and got his first taste of performing on the stage when he was fifteen, starring in the musical "Aladdin". Soon after he began performing regularly and learning to play the guitar.

When he was twenty he started writing songs. Khalid released his first studio recorded album at the age of twenty-six.

At thirty-eight he started releasing his music under the name Mighty Mage. His first Mighty Mage project was the EP "Art is Magic". He has recently released a best-of collection from his early years titled "Ancient Scrolls".

From his roots in Folk, Rock, and Reggae, Mighty Mage is continuing to develop his music production skills and branching into electronic music. He is committed to releasing new and exciting music in a variety of genres. 


"Khalid "Mighty Mage" Hussain is a professional, dedicated artist that treats his art as a calling rather than a hobby. Expect to hear more from Mighty Mage, as he hones his craft and develops into an international star.” - Lee Calaghan, Evolution Music Press






Khalid "Mighty Mage" Hussain smiling playing guitar
Ancient Scrolls album cover
Mighty Mage's "Art is Magic" Album Cover
Khalid "Mighty Mage" Hussain smiling in front of a doorway.



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